Foosball tables - suggestions?

minetDecember 31, 2006

I'd like to buy a foosball table for our house or maybe the garage. I've looked at several online and some local sports stores too. Prices range from $150 to over $1000. I'm thinking I'd like to spend $250-300.

I don't know what features are important or desirable. One of the options listed is 3-man or 1-man goalie. I don't know which is more popular or more "official." Many of the tables have leg-levellers, which seems to be a good idea. I don't think I want electronic scoreboards but prefer the sliding beads at each end.

We just want to have the table as a bit of entertainment, not wanting to do tournaments or anything like that.

Anyone have suggestions on good brands, features, places to buy, etc? Thanks.

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The best brands are Dynamo and Tornado.
They're head and shoulders better than 99 percent of the other Mfg's.
Well constructed and very solid is the only way to describe them.
My Dynamo is 10 years old and plays as well as the day I bought it new.

See ya,

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In your price range, Carrom makes a decent knockoff of the Tornado tables.

I bought one maybe five or six years ago at Sears. It's heavy, which you want for stability so it doesn't get muscled across the floor during play.

The action is decent when compared to the higher end tables, and quite good for its price.

The field has remained dead-level over the year.

Look for the 3-man goalie.

I think the one I bought was about $325. It's all black.

The kids are in high school now and the table gets used about 3 times a week when their friends are over.

Definitely go for manual scoring.

It's held up well, definitely a good value for the money.


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