blue lines across screen

Shannon01December 9, 2007

My Sony projection tv is about 7 years old. We notice that when we watch movies there are faint blue lines across screen, especially noticeable when movie is dark. We are starting to see it when watching tv but never at all when using the playstation.

We switched the cables and dvd player and nothing has changed.

Any suggestions? Besides getting a new tv of course.

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I found my own solution and will share it. I simply googled and found that this problem is very common with this Sony tv. Every reputable site said to remove the front panel and adjust this screw that adjusts the amount of blue. This is the basic version of what we did. Not only did it solve the problem, now the tv is so great we don't want to sell it. But we have to because we got a plasma to replace it already. Hopefully I can find someone who wants a new tv but not at a new price. Anyhoo, just thought I would post if anyone else comes along and needs to know how to get help with this.

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