Detoxifying Your Colon Naturally

jbkiddApril 24, 2006

Has anyone every done this in a natural way instead of using over the counter products. I am always concerned about some of these products. I know there is talk about some herbal products being harmful.

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Your colon DOES NOT need to be "detoxified." what's in the colon is supposed to be there. Man has existed for thousands of years without having to take these products. Some of the "natural" products can upset the digestive tract to such an extent that normal digestion becomes disturbed. Drink plenty of water. Eat lots of vegetables, especially green leafy ones. Eat breakfast cereal with lots of fiber. Shredded Wheat is an excellent choice.

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So all this talk about fecal build up in your colon is rubbish??

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If you have "fecal buildup" it's because you don't go to the bathroom when you should. Unless you are elderly or have some condition that interferes with normal bowel movement, you will have an urge to go and that is how nature works. Enough liquids, proper food and a healthy lifestyle and the bowel will work. There is always some stool in the bowel. It is never completly empty. Waste is formed as the food is processed in the intestines, some foods take longer than others. Therefore, there is always some waste moving along.

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I was reading about that on the Mayo Clinic site, I believe, and it said that the colon doesn't need to be "detoxified".

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I agree with Agnespuffin's opinion. Eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, exercise, and you will be fine.

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Twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrom, IBS. Symptoms were alternating cycles of diarrhea and constipation, not to mention pain. My kindly physician said never to use any laxatives, best to drink more water and eat foods with natural fiber. Apples and lemons are great. I bought two water filter pitchers, one for home and one for work. I now drink about two quarts of water a day, or lemonade. The symptoms went away years ago. Good luck to you.

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