Ordering Presciption Meds Online

jessiecaroleApril 22, 2004

Does anyone do this? I just had a shot at the doctor's office that cost me $210. I could order the same thing (not generic) for $18 with a prescription from my doctor faxed to the company. This is not a controlled substance. I am allergic to most arthritis meds, so I get a shot every 3 monthes. I could give myself the injecton.

I checked out the online pharmacy and it is a reputable one. This seems like an enormous savings. I do not have health insurance. I would still be seeing the doctor to get a checkup and my prescription.

I would like to hear your experences and opinions.

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We have used drugstore.com for a couple of years for medicine and have been happy with their prices over the drugstores in our area.

We have a new Costco (like Sams) in our town and checked their price. They were much, much lower than the online drugstore. If you have Sams or Costco in your area with a pharmacy, check them out. We have no insurance for meds either.

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I've begun ordering prescriptions from Costco. The prices are the lowest (but not lower than Canada). There is no charge for shipping and they're pretty good about getting the medication to you in a timely fashion. They also remind you when it's time to refill your prescription.

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I have found the companies online are very good.I get generic brands .My doctor says they are OK.Also if you go online and key in your RX's companies name you will get discounts and sometimes you will get it free.I take Diovan and they have given me free of charge a years free of medicine. and when that runs out to get a new prescription and they will give me another years worth.

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