6 TV's in 6 different rooms...figuring out satellite dish...help!

nikkidanNovember 22, 2011

We plan to have 5-6 TV's in our new home. 3 on main floor (livingroom, master bedroom, and a hookup in the guest bedroom just in case). 3 upstairs (kids livingroom, sons bedroom, and daughters bedroom). Also considering a hook up above the corner pantry door in the kitchen.

We have Dish Network now, and planning to just do the dish mover with them and keep Dish Network. I've been told that I can get up to 3 duo-recievers. Each would run 2 TV's. That means one receiver would have to run a TV on each floor. Will the remote work to change the channel on a TV that is that far from the receiver?

I also need to determine which receiver will run which TV's. I'm going to have to call them again to get more info...I wonder how many single receivers I would be allowed?

Am I just planning on too many TV's? Any suggestions?

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BTW...regular cable Tv is not an option out in the country where we are building. We have to have a dish.

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Ask your question on this forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: DBS Talk

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We have dish network and a 2 story house. For a while, the dish receiver in the upstairs bedroom, operated a TV in there and also a small TV we had in the kitchen. The remote for the
receiver is RF and it had no problem controlling the receiver upstairs, which was quite a distance.

We have since, built in an entertainment center in our family room with a 52" Sharp Aquos, easily seen and heard from the kitchen, so we don't use that RF setup, anymore, except for the spare bedroom, and it still works well.

The RF controlled receiver is NOT HD, so hopefully they have such a receiver, but we don't really need the HD in the spare bedroom.



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