rotator cuff troubles?

JoAnn_FlaApril 22, 2012

Do you have a problem with this? I believe that's what is going on with me, what can you tell me about it? Symptoms, treatment, anything you can tell me.

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I have it, no injury, I think it was caused by playing cards everyday for a couple of hours at the dining table. When I started sitting on a pillow the pain went away. I knew of another woman who played cards a lot and had the same problem. I think a lot of rotator cuff problems are caused by that. Every chair we sit in has arms that push our shoulders up against the RC. As far as treatment goes, I have just done what I said above and the discomfort is minor, usually when I reach. If feels so good to get up from a chair and let my arms hang.

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I have a badly torn rotator cuff on my right shoulder. It was caused by lifting a mattress. At 81 I didn't want to have an operation and the dr. advised against one anyway. The pain was excruciating and I didn't think I'd be able to ever use the arm again. The dr. sent me to therapy and I am thoroughly surprised and very pleased with the outcome. I went twice a week for about 3 months and now do the exercises at home. You might talk to your dr about therapy. Younger people can benfit from operations, I guess.

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