Flat screen on wall...no fireplace

nikkidanNovember 22, 2011

Having a bit of a dilemma. Starting to plan my furniture arrangement a bit. Our family room TV (55-70" LED...haven't decided on size yet) will be on a wall that is 17 feet wide. No fireplace...it just seemed a waste of $$ since we are just not the fireplace type. Then I got to thinking, if we don't have a fireplace, then the TV will look stupid up high. THEN after researching a bit, it seems general consensus is that it's not a good idea to put the TV up high like that. BUT, in the meantime, it's made me want a fireplace! Darnit! So anyways...maybe down the road we will put a fireplace in the corner.

But for now...can I put my TV on the wall at the correct viewing level (what is that?)...and what do I put around it? We have flat screens on the walls in our bedrooms now, but have always had a regular 36" TV in our livingroom in an entertainment unit. The unit we have is really nice, but won't fit the bigger TV we plan to get for the new house.

How is your TV wall arranged? Pics? Is the TV on the wall, or on a stand? We will probably just have the dish hooked up to this TV. The Xbox, etc will be on the kids TV in the upstairs family room. So the only wires on this one will be from the dish, as far as I know right now.

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Here's what I did nikkidan. I designed the entertainment center, then I had my kitchen cabinet builder build it.
It cost me $4500.00.

The fireplace is a remote controlled Valor and it heats the whole Downstairs, it is a direct vent fireplace.
It have saved us a ton on energy cost, as we rarely use the
force air heating system---the fireplace puts out more than enough heat for the entire downstairs of our 2700 sq ft house.

The TV is at just the perfect height for us, and many times I stand in front of the fireplace while watching TV.
The fireplace elevated like it is, the heat hits you,
"Right where it does the most good"!!!

Good luck with yours!

anyway, here's mine.

Good Luck with yours!


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The TV should be wall mounted so the bottom half is eye-level while seated. Any higher will cause neck strain. It looks a little odd while standing, but will be the perfect height while seated. Make sure to arrange the seating distance based upon the 720/1080P rating of the TV

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Most tv consoles are 24-30" so that the tv is eye level when seated. Our family room is also 17' and I believe that's a 60 or 65" tv.

Here's our setup:

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Pps7...where are the cords that go from your tv to your electronics in the cabinet?

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The cords are fished behind the wall.

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Just to elaborate, while in-wall rated audio/video cables are fished down walls all the time, the television's AC power cord may not be. It requires that an AC outlet be installed in the wall behind the television.

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Yeah it's a good idea.

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