Blood Pressure

theresa911April 30, 2010

I have had high blood pressure since Im 23. I am 50 now and usually take 6 BP pills aday. I have had a quardrupal bypass and recently was diagnosed with a blot clot in my heart and stomach. My ? is lately my stomach is not digesting my meds. 2 hours after taking them they are in my vomit whole.

what concerns me most is I haven't been able to take my BP meds cause my pressure is so low 79/54 should I be concerned or does it mean I am getting better now that I dont have HP problem is its so low I get dizzy, tired, cotton mourh . Thnka

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You are one sick puppy!!!
Low blood pressure is as bad as high blood pressure. I really think you need to see your doctor and get your meds straightened out. You need to have your pressure monitored over a long time. Your blood pressure is not the same at all times of the day. It goes up and down. The pressure you stated is dangerously low and should never be that low at any time.

Do you vomit all the time? That too is no good. You need a complete medical work up and I sincerely hope you get it soon. If you don't you are putting your life on the line.

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If your doc let you get in that shape you should find another one fast.

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