Best touch screen remote: Universal or Logitech?

oldalgebraNovember 15, 2009

I am looking to purchase a universal touch screen remote.

Any comments on these two?

Logitech Harmony® 1100 or Universal TX-1000

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i had the Logitech Harmony 880 before some low life broke in my house and stole it and many other things. anyway, i LOVE the Harmony remotes and am actually thinking of the Harmony 1000 for the replacement. my only hold up is that i worry my 5 and 1 yr olds would destroy it!

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The Harmony One is magical. Not only is it easy to setup on the computer then send the info to the remote but anyone that gets their hands on it (including my wife and neice) can use it with no problems.

Some great points.
It has many buttons that are hard, round and backlight, they are positioned as to be very easy to use without looking at the remote, This is great when you use a DVR to FF thru all the commercials.

The touch screen is a lot better than the models with buttons on the sides of the screen.

It has a rechargable battery with a charger that you drop it on to charge. I also have an 880 model which you have to place something on top of the remote to get good contact, the one does not have this problem.

I have had many universal remotes and this one is pricy but so worth it. It makes it's own macros so when you do an activity like watch TV or watch DVD or any other it automaticly switches your audio system, tv or whatever else is needed to get you where you want to go.

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I thought I would add an update. My wife and I like this remote so much better than the 880 I ordered a second one for the bedroom.

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