Who is your medical hero

d0ugApril 8, 2014

I recommended Dr. Wallach and Youngevity because of what he has done
Evander Holyfield career was finished after a heart attack in a fight Wallach rebuilt his heath and returned to fight and won the champion two more times.
Theo Ratliff career was finished in basketball. Wallach rebuilt his knees and he went back and made another 140 million in contracts and retired the second oldest player.
Nelson Mandela the life expectancy in South Africa is 50 years old and if you are in prison it is less but he got youngevity products sent to him in jail and after he left. He died at 95 almost double the normal.
Coretta Scott King who had arthritis so bad she could hardly walk Wallach rebuilt her cartilage in her knees and she was able to march in the million man march. Martin Luther King the third show up at one of Wallach�s seminars unannounced and thanked him for what he done for his mother.
Pastor Creflo Dollar daughter was dieing in the hospital with asthma and they could not help her he called Wallach and in four days she walked out of the hospital and in four months no sign of asthma
Type two diabetics to x diabetics all the time.
Get people off the heart, kidney, knee, and hip replacement list all the time.
An eye doctor called Dr. Wallach a liar when he said he could fix macular degeneration
He gave Wallach 27 legally blind patients in a short time they all could see two required glasses. He made a video called, seeing is believing, for Doctor Wallach.
Found the cause and cure for cystic fibrosis.
Nominated for a Noble Prize for his research.
Received the Klaus Schwarz medal for his work in trace minerals
Found the cause and cure for muscular dystrophy.
He has sued the FDA 8 times and won.
Has done more blood chemistries, autopsies and research he was chosen to do the research on animal die offs to determine the dangers of pollution. Ten years ended with a book call disease of exotic animals and it is in the Smithsonian Museum as a national treasure.
His book called Dead Doctors Done Lie sold millions of copies
He also has other books like Let play Doctor, Les Play Herbal Doctor which teach you how to diagnosis and treat yourself.
He has a free call in radio show and gives 300 free lectures per year.

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The surgeon who saved my husband's life when he had a heart attack. I also admire Dr. Kevorkian. Not sure about that spelling.

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cool stories shame doctors aren't famous yet worthless celebs are...

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