Question on my elderly friend

enjoyingspringApril 5, 2008

I have an elderly friend that is 89 years old and lives in a nursing home.

The other day, my friend went to bed at 8pm, the next morning her caregivers went in to wake her and she wouldn't wake up, they shook her, yelled at her etc. They took her to hospital and she still would not wake up for the doctors. Then around 11 am she opened her eyes and woke up. They don't know what happened to her.

She seems to be fine now.

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And your question is...?

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My question is which I thought was obvious, Why did it take so long for her to wake up?? If someone shook me and yelled at me, I would certainly wake up immediately.

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This probably is not going to answer your question, but...

I'm not that old, but I've always been hard to wake. And it seems the older I get, the harder I am to wake. I've always 'heard' that older people need less sleep, and I beg to differ! lol!

Now the serious stuff. What kinds of meds (DRUGS!) is your friend being given? And what doses?!! You need to find out and 'research side effects' any drugs your friend is being administered...that could be key to why not waking up.

Another thing...I saw a Documentary - TWICE! - on TV (yes, I know, 't.v.') about a lady and (son?) who went vacation to Australia (I think was a couple years ago I watched it).
So the Mother had an odd thing about 'seeming to be DEAD'! She actually had no pulse, heartrate that showed up on any monitors. So it happened while vacationing in AU - again, and son tried to explain to EVERYONE that this happens - "she's not dead!".
Of course, they always look at him like he's in denial.

Come to find out, she DID the morgue! This was like the third or fourth or??? time this has happened to her! (Spookey, huh?)
Some kind of odd thing with her, but she'd be dead & several days later alive again.

OK, I'd take a serious and close look at any/all drugs, strengths of each, times administered, etc.

Maybe your friend just doesn't want to wake up until "I'm good & ready"! Talk to your friend...maybe that's what's going on?
(I know, some days I wake up & feel like the whole day is 'bust', so I just want to go back to sleep...)?

Not a good healthy thing for someone like me - that's why I usually DO get up. But someone older & in nursing home - who knows?

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She may have had some kind of stroke. Or a big temporary drop in blood pressure. Or she simply could have been in a deep sleep and dreaming. The efforts to wake her seemed to be part of the dream, so she didn't respond to them.

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Thanks for your responses, the only drug she is on is Cumidin (sp) a blood thinner.

I too thought he may have had a stroke but they did a CT scan and it came back negative.

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