severe sinus headache

cupajoeApril 28, 2005

I am at my wits end.I have had three headaches this month that have kept me home.My allergies are peeking right now,and when I have the headaches,there is so much pain I am nauseated.Today's headache arrived at four a.m. with such severity that it woke me.I am taking allergy meds and also something to drain the sinus's ,but i can't seem to find a solution that works.Any ideas?

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Have you checked with your allergist lately? Your problem may be different from mine, but sometimes I will get a sinus infection up in there in addition to the allergies. That's when my headaches start. Is the drainage still clear or has it started getting yellowish? sometimes a change in medications helps. Headache pain and nausea sometimes mean migraines. Have you ever had them?

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I have.but these feel sinus related.I think the problem is that they just won't drain.Doctor keeps changing my med for whatever is new,but they are usually so strong that I can't wake up in the morning even if i take them at bedtime.Inevitably I end up doing the Clariten -D just because it seems to be the only thing that treats the allergy without putting me to sleep.I am considering acupuncture for the allergies.Anyone on the forum tried this?

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I know that everyone is different, but here is what worked for me. I suffered for years with multiple sinus infections and constant headaches from sinus problems. I have terrible allergies. The doctor would change me from Clariten to Allegra now and then and I took Flonase...sometimes had to go on steroids....none of this really helped me that much when allergy season was at its worst. Last year, the doctor put me on Singulair - I now take Singulair, Allegra and Flonase and I viritually have no allergy symptoms even at peak seasons. The Singulair was really a miracle drug for side effects either. It has proven a magic meds combo for me. It really is all about controlling your allergies - if you can do that, you'll stop having sinus problems (unless of course there is some physical problem with your sinuses). Good luck!

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Cattknap, I've been doing the same rounds -- I keep getting bounced around to Claritin, Allegra, and Zyrtec, and am also taking Flonase. Nothing seems to help...I have awful sinuses. I'm going to look into Singulair and see what my doctor says.

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Rivkadr - I don't understand why your doctor hasn't put you on Singulair - it is the natural course of meds when the others you are taking are not enough.

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I've had on and off sinus infections for about a year. They are now giving me headaches constantly, along with fatigue. Claritin-D helps, but makes me sleepy (I don't need more sleepiness than I have). I was very upset over something the other day, and couldn't stop crying. My head felt like I was going to have a stroke. Is that part of my sinus problem?

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I see that I posted here 3 years ago. I still get these headaches on and off. Had a really bad one this past weekend - thought it was a migraine; once I vomited I felt a little better. Today it's really bad. I wonder if there's a correlation between sinus problems and humidity/weather. Tropical Storm/Hurricane Hanna is on its way here (Long Island).

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Definitely a tie to the weather. The barametric pressure has alot to do with it. Kinda like when you are flying and you get the pressure on takeoff and landing. If you have nasal congestion, try using a nettie pot or nasal douche with warm salt water. You may actually have to try it for a couple of days to get the congestion to start clearing.

I live in Florida and I have had more headaches in the last couple of weeks than I have in a long time. With Ike out there, I probably will have a few more!

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A dear friend has terrible sinus problems, and he tried the nasal cleansing with a Sea Salt and water mixture... supposed to work wonders. I'm not sure if it did, but perhaps the sea salts would be better than regular iodized table salt. The water was bottled distilled, I believe. Just a thought...

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I was treated for months for sinus infection back in 1979 & finally went to allergist. But my allergies that cause most problem don't show up on tests. Allergic to AC, cigarette smoke & weather changes. I feel it every time a storm is coming in at Santa Barbara or coming up from Mexico. I get deathly ill from BBQ smoke, fires in hills near my home, I leave if possible until the smoke is gone otherwise I'm in bed 3-4 days. It is migraines that I get from these things. About the congestion the eye, ear, nose & throat specialist taught my DH & I a neat thing that might help you get some of that congestion out. DH had terrific earaches all his life & even with antibiotics wasn't clearing up. You hold your nose shut with 2 fingers & then try to blow out, keeping your mouth shut. You should feel your ears kind of "pop" Do that several times each day to release the gunk. Friend at church had 3 rounds of meds & was still lousy & tried this trick & it really cleared it up finally so she didn't have to take anything else. Dr. said that stuff really can't move itself out & this helps it release & go on out. Good Luck!

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Ugh, I'm like cheerful1, I get massive headaches, nauseated, then I am sick, and if I can lay down in a dark quiet room, I feel better later. It's a lot like a migraine except it starts with horrible sinus pain & pressure.

Had to take the morning off work last week, cause I didn't think I could make the drive to work without being ill. It sucks! And i think it's related to barometer/weather for me, too.

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I Thank God that i don't have a much serious sinus issue like you all other have. I had many severe headaches coz of sinus but the main reason was because of pollution. Which i overcame after getting into medication and protection from that.

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