please help with hooking dvd player and vcr up to the tv

gardnpondrNovember 7, 2006

I have always been the one in the family to hook up the tv antenna to the TV and the VCR etc. BUT since we got the DVD player I HAVE NO IDEA how to hook all this stuff up together! We have an outside antenna, no cable tv out here in the country, but the wires that run from our outside antenna is a coax cable. I want to be able to use the DVD to record with and play from my VCR. I have some family videos I'd like to put on DVD's. Then sometimes I might want to record from the VCR. Would I have to reconnect and change things around if I decide to record from the VCR? I have no clue how all this works since we got the DVD player. In fact I am just now beginning to learn how to use the thing! lol

Anyway can someone tell me how to hook all of this up together please? In plain English would be nice! :) I have all our books for each of the DVD, VCR and the TV.

I have herds of connections and cables and S-video thing that has something to do with colorstream! lol whatever that is. I also have a 3 way splitter but don't know how to hook it all up.

ALSO before I forget to make this more complicated.... lol I also have this small black box that is a booster and I think that's for the outside antenna, and it gets to be hooked into all of this. It has 1 (IN) place to plug the coax into and then it has 2 (OUT) places to plug the coax into. Would someone be so kind to help me get this all plugged together????

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That's going to be hard to do from far away without pictures. We don't know what connections you have available on each piece, which could limit how you cable things. You also didn't say if you have any kind of home-theater setup.

On a general basis, you'll want your outside antenna to go to the VCR and for the ANT OUT on the VCR to go to the TV. If you get a decent signal to the VCR without the "booster", don't use it. Otherwise you'll have to take the signal from your antenna, connect it to the "booster" and take one OUT and send that to the VCR. The other can go to the TV or wherever else it went (another TV elsewhere in the house?).

It doesn't make a lot of sense to go further in describing connections without knowing what you have. What can you connect into the TV itself? Is that sound good enough or do you want to route it through a HT receiver? Unfortunately, none of this is standardized and a lot depends on what you want to be able to do.

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I'm sure you've figured it out by now but basically you need to connect your antenna to the in on the 3 way splitter. Then , take one output from the splitter and connect that to the vcr, take another and connect it to the dvd player and the last connect to the tv. This will enable you to watch tv while recording two other programs at the same time. Hopefully your tv will have 2 sets of inputs. If there is set of component inputs connect the dvd player to the component inputs (to get the video in) and connect the audio cables (red and white). If you don't have component inputs use the s-video instead. Don't forget to connect the audio cables. If you have a 2nd set of inputs on your tv they will likely be composite. connect the vcr to these (yellow for video and red andwhite for audio). You will be able to view the tv, vcr or dvd via whichever input you select on the tv.

This will not enable you to record from vcr to dvd or vice versa - to do that you would either need to have a tv with outputs or a receiver with audio and video inputs outputs.
If you don't what you can do if you want to record is just use composite outputs from dvd to the inputs on the vcr directly or vice-versa.

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Thank you Steve and TooMuch!
Steve I have no idea what you're talking about, sorry. :(
I don't have any sort of home-theater setup.

I took both the vcr and the dvd and all the books back to where we bought the TV from to begin with and she hooked up the vcr and the dvd and I had another ? for her that she couldn't answer so she sent me to what was suppose to be a professional shop that does this sort of stuff. Well he hooked it together for me and told me just where to put each wire and I had masking tape and I labeled each one as he said where to put it and when I got home and did that, it DID NOT work. :( He did it free or charge and I thought that was very nice but when I got it home it wouldn't work. :(
I just printed out your directions Toomuch and my daughter is off work tomorrow so she and I will try to do it again. I've got it hooked up and the video 1 is the vcr and the video 2 is the DVD but don't know how to hook it up so it will record. The guy did tell me that my vcr was a mono or something like that and not a sterio. whatever that means.
Thank you again guys for your help!!!

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Well my daughter was off on Monday and we tried again to hook it all up and still nothing. We got it all hooked up so you can view either the DVD player or the VCR player but can't record from either one. I KNOW there HAS to be a way we can record from one of them. There has to be since BOTH are capable of recording. BUT we just can't figure it out. The VCR is hooked so that it can be viewed through the video 1 on the TV and the DVD is on video 2 for viewing. The TV has 2 in areas on the back of it and the DVD player has only one out area in the back of it. She says we need TWO out areas on the DVD player to record. ????? BUT it's a recordable DVD player so that doesn't make sense. I'm so confused at this point I'm ready to say the heck with it all! :( The back of the TV only has one out and has 2 in hookups. Then the TV has an in hookup on the front of it and the DVD recorder has an in hook up on the front of it as well. The VCR has a hookup on the front of it but it's only yellow and white in colors. The others, the DVD and the TV plug ins have red, yellow AND white plug ins on the front. I used to record from the TV onto the VCR but don't know how to do any of that now since we got the DVD and it's hooked up.
Anyway just wanted to tell you guys that and to also thank you for trying to help me get it hooked up!!!

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gardnpondr: I haven't checked this thread recently so I didn't know you posted again. If you can see the DVD player on video 2 on your tv and the VCR on video 1 you're halfway there.

You should be able to record now from the antenna to both the VCR and the DVD. Tune in a station on the DVD player and hit record - it should be there - same thing with the VCR. If you're not getting a picture you need to tune the DVD player and VCR. You do that on the remotes.

It's tough to record from DVD to VCR and vice-versa without going through a video capable receiver but here goes. First of all you're saying your DVD player has only one set of outputs on it? If so, and that is hooked up to your tv's inputs, it'll be tough to record to the VCR from the DVD player without switching cables all the time.

Does your VCR have two sets of outputs?

You say the back of your TV has one set of outputs - is it a complete set? I mean is there a red, white AND YELLOW output or just a red and white? (red and white is audio - normal on tvs - yellow is video, not available as output on some tvs)

Let me know the answers to those questions and we'll go further.

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Thank you toomuch! I'll have to get back with you on those answers in the morning. I am just now seeing this. I printed out what you said and will check on all that when I can see what I am doing behind the TV. :)
Thank you again!!!

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