Dry, itchy and rash around the mouth.

aaaaaaaaApril 30, 2009


Skin around my mouth is dry, flaky , feel itchy and have some rash. I am not on any medication and health is normal. What could be the reason? I tried several moisturizing lotions, but did not work. I tried glycerin thinking that will help heal dry skinÂdid not work. I applied once doc prescribed cream "Elidel"Âdid not work. I am almost 40 yrs--is aging an issue here? I drink lot of water to keep myself hydrated.

Any body has any suggestion.



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if it were me, it would mean I was eating too many oranges. Is there any food you have had in greater quantity than usual?

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Could be dry pitted dates and lays potato chips both from Costco. But this itching was there even before that. Suspecting these could be the culprits, I have stopped eating both, though.

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I forgot that potato chips also have that effect on me. I rarely eat them because of the carbs and because I am salt sensitive. I think it is the combination of the chip ever so slightly roughing up the skin around the mouth and then getting salt in it - you've heard of rubbing salt in the wound.

OF course, I don't know how itchy you mean. Could you try a dab of OTC cortisone cream around your mouth and see what that does? You could try it at night. You don't want to do that for very long because it will tend to thin your skin, but it might be instructive to try it.

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I have no idea what the problem might be but I can tell you to try "yarrow salve". I get mine on ebay, I think there is only one seller. Its about $5.00 or less for the jar and it works wonders on lots of problems. My DIL used it for a rash around her mouth and it healed very quick.

Here is a link that might be useful: salve

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