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terri1_2010April 15, 2010

I was just diagnosed with narrow angle glaucoma, and will be having the laser surgery within the same week of the diagnosis. No conventional medications have been tried, surgery first. Will I have to use meds after the surgery? Will this disease be cured after the surgery? Is is normal practice to have the surgery so rapidly without trying the meds first? Will I eventually become blind?

Very confused


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Ask your Dr these questions.....don't ever agree to surgery without finding out all the options and the prognosis.
Linda C

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Well, I had the laser surgery, the thought of losing my sight either slowly or rapidly helped in the decision. Unfortunately, I'm still unclear as to whether this glaucoma narrow angle is CURED, or it can repeat. I do know that I will be frequenting the eye specialists very often, considering the idea of spending a day at surgery with people who were double my age, and shocked to see me there!
Still don't have the answers I'm looking for!

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