Itchy, Itchy, Itchy all over

irishdancersgramApril 5, 2008

I have been to the doctor and all he wants to do is give me an "itch" pill...I have no rash, no redness, nothing that looks like it should be itchy...But I'm constantly itchy...Years ago, my dear late Mother had the same problem and of course was given, what she called, a nerve pill, but I'm tired of fixing things with pills....I've used lotions, just about everything on the market..Is my next move a allergy doctor?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated...

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I've got a terribly itchy scalp and a few spots on my body. It is not dandruff but the Dr. says it is a very dry scalp. I'm going crazy too. He didn't give me anything but told me to not wash my hair more than once a week and preferably not that often, and to use a very gentle shampoo. Ouch!!!!

I want to beleive him but I'm sceptical.

I'm wondering about nerve pills too.

It isn't getting any better. He said it will clear up when spring is really here and more moisture in the air. I have 3 humidifiers going full capacity.

My mother had very itchy skin too but I don't recall it being on her scalp. Her Dr. gave her some kind of cream to apply sparingly. It didn't help much either.

I'm on prednisone and I'm wondering if it is related to that.

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You aren't on thyroid meds are you? A lot of people become very itchy when starting them or changing dosages.

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Be careful of what kind of soap you use. I have found that Caress is the best for me. Any of the detergent type of soap are more drying.

Also, when you get out of the bath, before you dry off, pour a little baby oil on the wet wash cloth and smooth it over all your body, then pat the excess moisture off. This leaves a thin coat of moisturized oil over all your skin and cuts down on that dry, itchy flaky feeling.

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Sounds like it could be an allergy to me. I went through a similar problem myself a couple of years ago -- it drove me nuts. Itchy, itchy skin -- not dry skin, not a rash, no explanation. Since I have issues with allergies in general, I guessed it was something that I was coming in contact with. I never did pinpoint down what it was, but it was something in the one apartment that we were living in -- after we moved, I stopped having the problem.

If you're not using scent-free laundry soap, scent-free dryer sheets, sensitive skin soap, and avoiding all perfumes, scented and colored lotions, etc., then you should try doing that for a while. And yes -- I'd recommend seeing an allergy doctor.

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I really do appreciate all the advice that's been posted...I've been using the same laundry soap for years as well as skin soap...I haven't changed anything for years, but I am going to be more careful, be more watchful what I use...
I have never had allergies before but I am making an appointment 1st thing tomorrow...I'm just hoping he doesn't tell me I'm allergic to my cats!
Thanks again, I'll keep you posted....

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Not much fun is it. I tried claritin but it didn't help so I doubt if my problem is allergy related, but could be as I have many allergies.

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Try a glycerine soap like Neutrogena, and Cetaphil lotion or cream. If there is no visible rash, it is more likely an allergy or internal problem, definitely see an allergy specialist.

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People who are diabetic usually have problems with itching, maybe you should check that out.

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Check this out at the Mayo Clinic website.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mayo Clinic - Itchy Skin

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WOW, That information is really something....It's kind of funny when I think back. My heart doctor said the next time I saw my GP to have him do a thyroid test and would you believe my GP said it wasn't necessary...I have had blood work done and the doc said, everything is fine but the potassium level is low..And that's because he put me on a new water pill for my BP.....All these meds are enough to do something and I don't think it's good...If is wasn't for the HBP, I throw them all out and start anew....GRRRR

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I've had problems as well and made two visits to my dermatologist in November and December last year. I've stayed away from skin care products (face & body) containing fragrance for many years. My doctor told me to switch to fragrance free laundry detergent and dryer sheets----something I had not done before. She gave me a steroid shot, a perscription and samples of a new antihistamine called Xyzal. Also wrote a perscription for Zyrtec in case my insurance would not cover Xyzal (Zyrtec is now OTC). For daily skin care she recommended Cerave' cleansing and moisturizing lotions (also comes in a cream) AND I'm washing my colored hair in Head & Shoulders. I'm doing much better. I'll probably switch back to Claritin this June and see if that works OK. Mayo Clinic's info says that Xyzal, Zyrtec and Claritin (just in that order) are best for those of us with skin problems.

NOTE: Cerave' does a great job cleansing my face---great job removing makeup. I get it at CVS and Rite Aid stores where I live. Check Cerave's web site for other retail stores.

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Are you going thru menopause?This happened years ago to me when I had to have an emergency hysterectomy. The itching started almost overnite. The Dr. told me it was a symptom of menopause. It gradually went away.

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I know menopause does cause itching...I'm almost 71, had a hysterectomy 40 years ago and have been on Premarin since then...Each time, I thought I'd wean myself off, the itching would get worse...My heart doctor felt I needed to keep taking it, but put me on a lower dose...Years ago, a doctor told me to watch the tea, coffee, soda etc., and I've eliminated all those and only drink decaf.....I have an appointment with an allergist, so we'll see what he says.....

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When I had an itching episode that lasted longer than a week my doc had blood work to check my liver function.
My liver was fine and the itching went away....never did find out what caused it.

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My mother was treated for everything from dry skin to stress because she had a prolonged itching problem. Nothing helped. She tried it all...from steroids to creams to antihistamines,etc. Recently she was diagnosed with kidney failure and itchy skin can be a side effect of kidney disease. The body can't get rid of some of it's toxins and with some people this can cause itching. I certainly hope your problem turns out to be much simpler than that. I just felt it necessary to at least provide the information. Good Luck

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I also have an itch problem. Most can be stopped by using hand lotion after a bath while my skin is still damp. My scalp is another story. I was getting red spots and changing my products did not help. Went to a dermatologist and he prescribed clobetasol 0.05% lotion. It just took 2 treatments to take care of the problem for two months. Now I use it as needed. It's a good product, I use the ointment for a female problem and it has to be used 2 or 3 times a week. I won't say anymore about that problem except to say the ointment is a blessing.

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I forgot to add, my sister had a very serious itching problem, she broke out in sores. Nothing worked until they prescribe tranquilizers. She is a very up tight person and they were just what she needed. Solved her problem.

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All the responses have been very interesting...I've been to the allergist and he feels I have too much acid in my system and prescribed Zantac and also after doing all the tests, I am allergic to almost everything outside so he gave me the generic Zyrtec, which I got at Sam's Club very, very reasonable....I haven't been itchy but I do still have the runny nose,sneezes when I work outside but not as bad as before...When I go to the GP the next time (June), I am going to ask for blood work, the works....Thanks for all the good information, I really do appreciate it....

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I suggest you to go to a skin specialist first and then take decision.
there are a lot of products and lotions for treatment of itching but do not trust on all these products before showing it to specialist..

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