Has anyone tried the Bernstein diet for diabetes?

gandbbApril 27, 2005

I am newly diagnosed with diabetes and a friend recommended this diet to me based on some things he had heard from others. Has anyone tried it? If so, how did it work for you?

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Ask your doctor - the trained professional who made the diagnosis - what sort of diet you should have. He knows your medical history far better than any of us do.

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Yes, she should follow her doctors instruction. She may have other problems to consider when planning a diet.

I am curious, just what is the Bernstein diet? I haven't heard of it.

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I looked the diet up on Google. It could be dangerous unless a person was under doctor supervision. It is a high protein, low carb diet carried to the extreme. The dieter loses a lot of weight quickly. It's not a diet that would be something that you could stay on the rest of your life. Only 850-950 calories per day. That's not enough to keep you healthy. See a Registered Dietitian for a meal plan. I am sure that your physician will be glad to suggest someone.

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You really need to see an Certified Diabetic Educator....you will get so much information about diabetes including dietary guidelines.
I used to be a diabetic educator and I can not emphasis enough how important seeing a specialist in diabetic education is.
It is the best thing you can do for yourself.
I had many patients whose doctor gave them so little information or just told them to avoid sugar....they had no information of symptoms of high blood sugar, low blood sugar or the complications that may occur.
Please, please, please seen a Certified Diabetic Educator. Call your local hospital or home health agency for a referral....your doctor may not think it is necessary but truly, it is!

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thank you for your advice. I truly appreciate it.

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When my husband was diagoned 1 1/2 years ago with the early stages of diabetes, I put him on The Zone Diet which has been used extensively for a number of years to control diabetes without medication. His blood sugar is almost normal. I do not think the national diabetes association promotes the most healthy diet for diabetes - way too much starches....all I know is that The Zone Diet works - if you read the books you will understand biologically/chemically why it does work so well in keeping blood sugar at a normal even level. Do your homework and start reading and researching - it will pay off.

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