Cable or Satellite

paco6945November 18, 2007

What are the advantages/disadvantages of cable versus satellite. We have Time Warner now and will be moving into new house in about a month. I've never been crazy about TW. I'm leaning toward DirectTV, but don't particularly want set top boxes. I don't think there are any "cable" cards yet for satellite.

Also, I've got two TVs in the main house and 3 in the guest house. I want everyone to be able to control their own TV.

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I had DirecTV for several years. I enjoyed it with the exception of losing the signal during heavy rain. Partly due to the weather itself, partly due to that I live in a heavily treed area and had a narrow sight line to the satellite.

I'd probably still have it were it not for their satellite internet being VPN. I can't use VPN for work, so I switched over the Comcast for broadband as well as cable.

The cable signal is more reliable than satellite, but again, that's due to my location.

If HD is important to you, compare the two. The HD channels are stunning when compared to non-HD, although again, I have a projector with a 133" screen, so the effect will be less on a smaller screen.

As far as service, they both seemed fine.

Picture quality is fine.

Channels available to watch is fine, but for some reason I think DirecTV has better sports coverage.

With DT, look at the ability to get your local networks. That used to be difficult years ago, I think they ironed out the problems over the past few years.

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