itchy eyelids ... HELP!

vieja_gwApril 28, 2012

Occasionally my eyelids along the lash line get so awfully itchy that I want to scratch them ... & do!! Eye Doctor said I needed to apply very warm wet compresses to both the lower & upper lids but this hasn't helped much for very long. Anyone else have this problem & had any successful remedies?

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At this time of year, it could well be some sort of allergy to pollen.

Anti-histimines might help. you would have to take them a couple of days to see any improvement.

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Dry eyes make mine have the same feeling. Of course the allergies make the eyes itch as well and anti-histimines for the allergies make the dry eyes worse. I use eye drops for my allergies but I also use Systane for the dry eyes and when I put them in, I gently coat along the lash line and it feels so soothing. I have heard that using baby shampoo on the eyelids helps but I have been afraid to try that. Try the Systane, it has something in it that regular eye drops don't, feels really good to put them in my eyes.

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I will have to try the 'baby shampoo'that doesn't burn when in the eyes.. I too have heard it may work. I also read about a teeny, tiny critter called ?demidex that we all have on our bodies (& eyelids!) that Nature has provided to eat away all excess dead skin cells our bodies slough off every day. Some times these critters get too numerous & cause things like itching!!

I tried an allergy pill & don't seem to get any relief yet.

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With allergies, ONE pill doesn't do it! You must treat allergies for several days to do the most good.

In fact, if it is an allergy, and OTC pills don't work, you may need a stronger prescription strength medication. If it continues, check with a local allergy specialist.

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My eye doctor recommended washing your eyes with Johnsons baby shampoo. I was getting grainy stuff in the corners of my eyes and it stopped that and helped a great deal. It's hard to wash off if you take baths instead of showers. My eye doctor "shampoos" his eyes every day. He said it is good to prevent eye infections.

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I had itchy eyelids for months, despite warm compresses and lid scrubs. I finally figured out I was allergic to my eyeliner/eyebrow pencil.

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