Comcast or electrician does ethernet wiring?

janesylviaNovember 2, 2012

I'd like to have my house Ethernet wired (cat6a or cat6 line), so all the computers in each room can be wire-connected. We just bought a 30-year-old house (1800 sq ft) in the bay area with flat roof and underground crawl space. Would comcast or electrician do the work? I called comcast, and the lady asked me to bring the questions to the technician who would install the internet service. Would that be a lot work?

Thank you very much.

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I wouldn't suggest Comcast or an electrician. Most electricians (there are some exceptions) don't have the knowledge to properly run and terminate ethernet cabling. With Comcast, you might get lucky and get a skilled technician but they are few and far between.

Look for a company that installs home A/V equipment or computer networks. Companies that configure computer networks don't always install cabling, but they could refer you to someone.

I'm including a link for the CEDIA trade association dealer locator, it would be a good start.

Here is a link that might be useful: CEDIA - Find a dealer

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Retrofitting Ethernet cabling will be a major job and will typically be very costly (labour). A lot of planning will have to be done to minimize cable length, number of switches, ...

All the cable will have to be run I a star pattern from the main router location and avoid close proximity with power lines.

A wiring closet will be required along with Ethernet switches.

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