Strange illness

berkApril 12, 2013

My daughter, who is 43 has had a terrible earache in the right ear plus her face is also numb on that side. She has had x-rays, CT Scans, blood work and so many other things I can't remember them all. She has seen a neurologist, 2 of them, been to Mayo Clinic, pain management and right now on 4 different medicines to try and stop the pain.
Mayo won't do surgery because it could cause her face to droop like a stroke would cause and afraid burning the nerve they think is causing this may not be the right one!
She can't sleep for the pain, no pain medicine they have tried helps her, this has been going on for about 8 months now..she is so miserable. Any one ever had this pain or heard of it?

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Maybe this is the results of bells palsy. My neighbor had it but the pain was in his face somewhere, not his ear. They had to cut the nerve that caused the problem. He had to be careful because his face was numb in that area, but the pain went away.

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Have they checked for these two?
Acoustic Neuroma
Nasopharyngeal Cancer
Is she, by any chance, a scuba diver. If so,she should tell the drs.

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Yes, she has been checked for the two and no she isn't a diver. Myself, I think the Bells Palsy, from what I have read could be it. The doctors at Mayo don't want to do surgery to cut a nerve because they are afraid it may be the wrong nerve and her face may be paralized on that side. Right now she is on 4 medicines and it has leveled it out where the pain is tolerable. I have saved info on Bells Palsy just incase. TY

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