Carpet Experts: Have Busy Family room with dog

colorfastJuly 9, 2012


I have gotten such great help from you all in the past regarding my Shaw wood laminate.

It is now time to do the flooring for the adjacent family room, and the need has become more pressing. We already had wanted to do it because we need to do new flooring on the stairs from the kitchen to the family room. I had been advised not to do floating floors but hardwoods on a stairs. When we started to think about it, the carpeting in the family room was in such poor shape that it seemed to make more sense to keep the stairs in carpeting and do the room.

Since then, we came home from vacation Friday and our fish tank pump/condenser was leaking out the back and the corner of the room was damp. We removed the water from the tank and took everything out of that area. We cut out the affected carpet and pad and threw it out. There was some mold starting and we didn't want to wait. It just wasn't worth saving and allowing things to grow.

We have a standard poodle so my understanding is that we should not get a closed-loop/berber carpet. I need advise on what would be longlasting. I have never ordered carpet and feel woefully ignorant.

We will have it installed by a company that did a great job for us in the past. They will probably have good insight when we shop there but I value all of your outside opinions.

Details about the room:

1. Room size is about 21' long by 13' wide.

2. Door from the garage comes into this room and there are many trips daily from that door to the kitchen and rest of the house. (There are two carpeted steps to the garage.)

3. There are two carpeted steps down to the combined laundry/bathroom.

4. There are two steps up to the kitchen.

5. Half the room has sofas and TV (and formerly a fish tank).

6. Half has Knex/play table, sewing machine and closet, plus throughway. Kids are age 11-16.

Finally, question about color: Like so many people, we have a beige throughout our house. Would like to do something a little darker that doesn't show dirt quite so well. What are the trends in carpet color? I am not trying to rock the boat with this choice.

I will not be able to start shopping until Sunday-Monday but want to dig in at that time and get something ordered. Appreciate all your advice!

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