what do I need to know/do for cable/fios/wireless network?

poodledoNovember 6, 2009


our house is gutted and being re-wired. Previously we did not have cable or internet in our house and as a result neither DH nor I know diddly about wiring and are taking our GC's word for advice.

Thought i would ask for your collective wisdom. The plans as he explained them to us are as follows:

Place a cat5 (Whatever that is??) in all the rooms and install ceiling electrical for speakers in LR ceiling. Does that sound adequate for eventually putting in either cable, FiOS, and wireless computer network???

I'm sorry I don't know what I don't know and hence don't know what I should be asking, so any and all advice is greatly appreciated!!!


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That sounds like it will be more than enough. You should also run extra cables (cable TV, and Cat-5) from the point where the cables enter your home to the area where your main TV will be. You will be glad they're there later so you can watch the new web-based movie streaming services on your TV.

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CAT5 is simply a designation for a kind of wire typically used for computer networks. I don't know about FIOS but AT&T's Uverse can also use it to transmit a signal for television. COAX is a type of wire used for television transmission exclusively.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to have COAX run to every room you're likely to have a television in and CAT5 to every room you are likely to have a television and/or a computer.

Wireless networking (for computers) is just that - no wires. It's often called WiFi (pronounced Y-fi). The obvious advantage is that you don't have to run wires anywhere. The disadvantage is that it's often not quite as fast as a wired network. WiFi is less secure than a hard wired network and susceptible to interference.

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