Anyone with seasonal allergies

cheerful1_gwApril 10, 2009

I was sick with what I thought was a sinus infection or bronchitis. I was told that I have allergic rhinitis, or seasonal allergies. I'm 53 and have never had an allergy. I'm on Allegra and Flonase, which are making me really dizzy and tired. Nonstop nose blowing for the last two weeks. Today when I blew my nose, blood gushed out of it, and wouldn't stop right away.

Of course, working 6-day weeks for the last two months (tax season) doesn't help matters either.

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cheerful, I didn't have any allergies either until well into my adult I seem to have some reactions to pollens, from the timing of it I suspect trees especially but I haven't gone for testing.

Did you call your doctor about the nosebleed? They are listed as a side effect of your Flonase...

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Nosebleeds are common with Flonase, it dries out the mucus lining inside of your nose and that is why it bleeds.

I take Fexofenadine for my allergies, it is the best med I have ever found for allergies. I have tried every OTC kind, nothing works like this. Ask your doctor about it.

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I started suffering from hay fever real bad back in 1999. This coincided with me finally quitting smoking and also diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. These may be connected, it may just be coincidence. I took Clarytin which eased slightly the symptoms but I found nothing that relieved them altogether.

This charade every Spring and Summer only lasted a few years. By 2004 it seemed to have gone altogether. Except aerosols. They still set me off. Air fresheners, polish, deoderents. If they come in an aerosol I can't go near them.

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I had strong hay fewer from childhood so I know how limiting allergies can be. I used to hate it sooo much. And practically all pills made me sleepy, even if they had "Non drowsy" labels all over... And no pills helped entirely, I always had more or less allergic problems. So when my doctor put me on Singulair it just simple has changed my life. I am not sleepy and I practically do not have any alergic problems. My alergic asthma is perfectly controlled too. Actually last year I first time in my life could smell spring. It is funny - I always thought that spring smells just in poetry since I was not able to smell it really. I am so fond of Singulair that I always recommend it to everybody with allergies. It definitely has changed my life...and I know it sounds kinda ridiculous. But if you had such a bad allergy and suddenly you did get rid of it - you would understand. Anyway, good luck to everybody to control any allergy.

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I am fighting allergies right now. For the last few weeks
It has gotton really bad. Thought I had something much worse.
The Clariton does not work much for me anymore. I take Actifed with it. But am thinking I should see a Dr about them. Staying indoors on a nice day in May is not fun.
Thankyou for the Singular suggestion.

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