foot sprain

susan_onApril 1, 2006

Does anybody know how long it takes for a foot sprain to heal? I fell the other day (Wednesday), and hurt the outside of my foot. They xrayed it, and said it isn't broken, it's a sprain. But I still can't walk on it and it's still too swollen to put a shoe on. Due to previous injuries from an mva, I can't really use crutches (left wrist and right shoulder). I pulled my groin muscle too, but that's healing, it's just the foot that isn't.

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It's still too soon to expect healing. The swelling should soon start to go down and then you can expect the soreness to start going away. Stretch out on the couch with your foot elevated as much as possible. Stay off it as you may just be doing more damage to the muscles, etc. Don't even think about trying to get a shoe on.

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Wow. I didn't think it would be this big a deal.

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If you use a cane on the side which is NOT hurt, stepping forward with the cane and the hurt foot at the same time, it reduces the weight on the hurt foot. That might help for when you have to walk.

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Ok, thanks.

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Take good care of it now so it heals properly and won't cause problems down the road. Meanwhile, take it easy, put your foot up, and catch up on your reading. :-)


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Ok, I'll try. But I have a "restless" type of personality, and staying still isn't easy for me. I will try though.

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