iPod dock?

trevor76November 22, 2006

I want to get an iPod dock to play music straight to speakers, preferably wireless. Do you have any recommendations?

What should I look at, be aware of?

Also, my younger brother told me to get a "Hi-Fi X-mod" which is some type of device that makes sound better. Do you have any experience with this?

I basically want to be able to play music from the iPod on my Wharfedale speakers in the living room and have the best quality of sound. I'd also like to have the same music in the kitchen that's why I am looking at wireless options, too...

Thanks, Trev

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Lots of questions. What kind of iPod do you have? The model has some bearing on what you can connect it to. Did your iPod come with a dock? Are the Wharfedale speakers part of a larger stereo system? Or are they powered all by themselves, like computer speakers? Do you want the same music playing at the same time in both living room and kitchen? Do you think you'll want to be able to change what the iPod is playing, from the kitchen?

There are probably a dozen different docks out there; some cheap, some more expensive. Keep in mind that, if the music on your iPod is AAC- or MP3-encoded, you can still have very nice sound, but it won't be the "best quality" of sound you could have from a playback device.

Tell us some more about how you want to use this and we should be able to give you some options.

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We plug an ipod right into our house stereo system. You should be able to also.

The receiver has inputs for cd players, tape players etc in the back.

You can get an ipod dock ( they are pretty universal ) and a cable to hook it up to your receiver at Radio Shack or any of those type places.

It sounds fantastic over the house stereo.

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it was busy time but I am back to this challenge :)
first of all : thank you for your replies - I read them and decided I did not have time to bother by Xmas. Now the Time Has Come.

Wharfedale setup is a pretty old one and connected to the Panasonic HiFi system. It sound good and balanced to me. It is old tape-cd player-FM tuner-amplifier setup. I have aux input and digital coax input on the back of the panasonic amplifier . I am not quite sure what is meant with "a receiver" but I presume this is my amplifier, more or less.
I have ipod 4G.

We also have 2.1 2300 Logitech speakers in the kitchen and tiny Sony hifi set with 2x40W speakers in the bedroom. Sony set has digital input, too. Logitech set is analog and at the moment we connect only to the headphone out of the shuffle.

Now I am looking for some link that will send music to all 3 speaker sets, wirelessly if possible. I read sometimes you need to "set IP" with these wireless devices - this is not something I have ever done.

I found a few products, but they differ a lot:

(1) Nuvo Wirless - $599 + additional receivers
pros: sound quality
cons: price, setup (IP)

(2) Creative Xdock Wireless - $300 + one additional receiver
pros: sound quality, setup (no IP), digital connection for wired
cons: could not find it in any shop

(3) FM transmitters/receivers - about $100
pros: very good price
cons: poor sound quality

If you can see more benefits or problems with these or other products that would do the job please let me know.


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I'm not familiar with your first two choices, but I am with iPod FM transmitters. When they work, they are a wonder. But, too often, they don't work well. Now, their primary use is to connect iPods with existing car stereos, so they are subject to much more interference in a car than they would be at home. At home, it pretty much should be a matter of "It works" or "It doesn't work" -- no in-between. They're cheap enough that it's worth a try.

Another option might be to use Apple's Airport Express on the computer which has iTunes on it. The Airport Express essentially is a wireless networking device that will let you connect other computers and other Airport Expresses. Your computer should be synchronized with what's on your iPod, so it can serve as your music source. Each AE has an audio-out jack that you could use to feed each of your sound systems. So you might need a few AEs, but they're $99 when Apple sells them refurbished, so that's not too bad a price. There are other wireless media devices, but they're not much cheaper than AEs and they will not handle playing music from Apple's iTunes Music Store. Only Airports and AEs can do that.

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Thanks for your reply Steve.
I am not getting FM transmitter then.

As for Airport Express this is networking interface that connects computers - if I follow correctly. I am not that familiar with computer setups - i just wanted to be able to play music in the whole house - using a single iPod as a source. I still did not decide which one to get.

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Well, you must be using a computer to put songs on the iPod. So you could use that version of your iTunes to feed Airport Expresses and get music through the house. If you simply want to use the iPod, though, it will be more difficult to do what you want to do.

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they those docks also work for the ipod nano?? i have a nano and they look really big for it...how does it work?

please let me know

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those docks also work for the ipod nano??

Most of them do -- adapters are used to fit between the nano and the dock.

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