Losing my voice on my birthday weekend =[

tazzy_tashApril 19, 2008

It all started A few days ago, my voice started to go out. Then Yesterday it went compleltly out! Well not all the way, The only thing i can do isz whiper, and if i stress my voice that kindof works to. I'm upset because this happened on my birthday!! Yeah my 18 birthday was yesterday. N i was with my Friends and couldn't really speak, that made me blue. I couldn't express myself, and be happy like i wanted to. But anywaysz yeah, now i just got warm water and lemon juice, mixed with some theri flu. =] Hope it worksz.

Oh yeah, My throat isn't even SORE!!! I just can't really Talk.

I smoke, will that affect my voice?? I hope it doesn't.

~peace =]

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Yep, smoking will affect your voice. Heavy smokers usually, but not always, will eventually develop a raspy voice. That's not very appealing.

AND, if it makes any difference to you.....a non-smoker really hates to taste the kiss of a smoker.

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Smoking affect the voice...oh yeah

Kiss of a smoker....blechhhh

Know what I find really gross? Women who have smoked since their teens, and then when they get to be, oh, say 35...they get these thin vertical lines on their upper lips and all their lipstick gets up those lines.....nasty

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