Mirage Flooring - Love... But!

janejanelJuly 12, 2014

Have lurked on Gardenweb for a while, and I have finally completed my renovation and wanted to pay it forward by giving my initial impressions of products I got.

I have all hard flooring, tile in kitchen and bathroom, wood everywhere else. My wood flooring is a Mirage 5" Engineered in Knotty Walnut, in a cashmere finish.

Until last night, this flooring is one of my favorite parts of the renovation. I've only moved in for about 2 weeks (still need furniture), but I have been dusting it and wiping it down (that contractor dust keeps coming back...) regularly so I can walk barefoot because that cashmere finish feels delicious on your feet. Got Engineered because I wanted the 5" planks which only came in Engineered.

Thoughts re: Knotty Walnut finish - see picture. I was going for a modern rustic feel, and I think it hit the spot. It's a natural walnut finish, with lots of variation in the wood that has some beautiful grains. Yes there are knots with holes in them, but they seem to be coated nicely for the most part. To manage that, I asked my contractor to select the boards no or minimal "holes" for the living room (where there would be higher traffic) and also limit color variations (to keep the living room more neutral). I used the higher color variation and slightly more "hole-y" planks for my bedroom. Anything with too big a hole/imperfections that would be dirt collectors I asked him to put aside and not use (as I had ordered extra as per everyone's advice). Walnut, as woods go, is not particularly hard, and I have seens dents in the floor already, but it doesn't bother me so much as it's not super visible. I do not have pets or kids.
Cashmere Finish - Love it. Has a great tactile feel on feet. Does not seem to show smudge dire that easily, though you can see a little if you're looking.

Last night, however, I was happily Swiffering my floor (I still pick up ridiculous amounts of dust 2 weeks in despite daily dusting/vacuuming) when I felt a tug and found that one plank had split and a splinter had peeled off (!). I found another plank that has some cracks that look like they're on the verge of splitting. Both are located in the middle of the living room, so I'm kind of upset.

Any ideas?

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Here is the split/crack... The jagged part that hasn't peeled up yet is definitely lifted so that it would snag easily, maybe give splinters...

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Another angle of the floors... I really like it, other than this split issue....

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It's referred to wind shake which is considered a manufacturing issue. It surprises me to see this with an engineered hardwood. It should be an easy fix by replacing the boards.

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Thanks, gamountains... I have plenty of boards left, so that's not the issue, but would I have to rip up all the boards and base molding to replace the board? That's a lot of work that I'd have to bring the contractors back in for, and I'm worried about destroying the stuff already in place...

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You should bring the contractor back in to do it (warranty issue) but they won't have to tear up the whole floor. They can remove a single board by slicing it down the center, longways, and pulling it out. The replacement board gets the lower part of it's groove side cut off so it can slip into the vacated space and be face nailed.

It's a relatively simple task for a pro.

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I got a call back from Mirage, and they basically told me the same thing, to replace the board. They said it wasn't a warranty issue unless a lot of the boards start failing, in which case they would investigate... if boards start failing here and there, it's not their problem. They also recommended glue down for the replacement board instead if nailing.

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