how to see why outdoor speaker doesn't work?

stash-hdyNovember 24, 2009

My outdoor speaker stopped working. What and how do I find what failed? The speaker, source or the wires.

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FIRST, check to make sure your source does not have a loose wire or a switch that turns off that speaker port. you can take a known good speaker and hook it to the wires at the source and if it works there hook everythign back normal and hook it up at the nonfunctional speaker. if it works, you have a bad speaker. if not, then you have bad wire. look for a rodent chewed area or a pinched spot where the house settled and the wire was pinched.

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The speaker is ok, strange happening though. I have a speaker selector, when the selector is in a down position so I can check connections the speaker works. When I place the selector in a horizontal position back in its storage position pushing the wires back toward the wall it stops working. Seems I have a wire problem. Its a continous run to the speaker there may be a damage somewhere.

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does the speaker still work with teh switch in the horizontal postion and NOT pushed back? if so then the damage is right there between the unit and the wall. if not, maybe the horizontal position is OFF?

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The left side of the two outdoor speakers does not work when the speaker selector box is in a horizontal position. It works when I have the selector pulled out and down to check the connections but when I slide it back in place the speaker does not work. I changed out the wire to the left speaker yesterday and that did not resolve the issue. I also moved the speaker wires to an unused set of terminals and that did not resolve the issue. Acts the same. Installed new pin connectors and that did not resolve the issue. Very baffeled

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