In-wall speakers and Sonos

mc24713November 14, 2007

I live in NYC and originally wanted a Control4 system for our apt but it's out of our budget and probably not necessary for our 2 bedroom apt. I wanted to see if anyone here has experience with in-wall speaker installation and connecting that to a Sonos system. I'm thinking of getting an in-wall speaker setup for the living area a/v equipment and then connecting Sonos to in-wall speakers in both bathrooms and the master bedroom. Any idea of a ballpark figure for a speaker set-up and installation (ie Boston Acoustics mid-range cost)? Excluding the cost of the Sonos components. Or are there too many variables here... I basically just want to be able to listen & control music throughout the apt with minimal footprint and be able to watch DVDs in the living room.

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Sounds like you have 4 Sonos Zones wth 3 in wall speaker zones. Looks like the biggest variable here could be wireless performance in your apt. and potentially your installation skillset. Technically it is not difficult to install an inwall speaker however NYC apartments present interesting challenges. You did not maention if your walls are drywall or Prewar building plaster.

Also note that if your apartment is fairly large wireless may not work very well. You are actually much better hardwiring a SONOS system if you can (Setting up a LAN). This way it works best.

The monies involved in what you are proposing are significant at least 1.2K or more for speakers and install materials.

You should also consider small speakers such as the Monitor Audio Radius Series Speakers. They sound great with Sonos and are easy to place and setup

Sonos is fabulous when setup properly. However NYC apartments are not the friendliest landscape for a Sonos system.

Here is a link that might be useful: Monitor Audio Website

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