Help! Subwoofer causing granite to crack

deb_nickNovember 24, 2006

My husband has his home theatre set up in a room in the basement. Directly above this room is our kitchen that has granite floors probably set in a concrete bed. I noticed a thin hairline fracture in the granite running from one side of the kitchen to the other. And now there is another new fracture. I suspect the loud vibrations from the home theatre sound system is causing the kitchen floor above it to move thereby causing the fractures. Could anyone suggest what to do to stop the sound/vibrations from travelling upwards to the kitchen floor? Currently, we have the subwoofer on the lowest setting as a temporary solution, but we are losing out on the full theatre experience. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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Do the lights dim in your neighborhood when DH switches on the home theater? :-)

Seriously, that subwoofer would have to be pumping out some serious bass to do that to any floor which was installed properly. If you want to rule out the subwoofer as the cause, you can mount it on something which will "decouple" it from other hard surfaces. Audio places sell synthetic "feet" you can use; you also could put a pillow or towel or yoga pad under the subwoofer. You'll lose some of the "thump" but it at least will confirm or deny that the subwoofer is damaging the floor.

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It is more likely that the weight of people in the kitchen are flexing the floor and causing it to crack. The floor may not be stiff enough. People walking in the kitchen are going to cause more vibration and flex that a subwoofer on a lower floor.

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Yup. Too much deflection in the granite installation. It has nothing to do with subwoofer vibration.

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