Need some advice about yeast..........

bryansdaApril 26, 2006

I got a virus or ate something that had me going at both ends. I have the stomach calmed down, but now have another problem. I have a rash in the creases of my legs right at the panty line. I think this is a yeast imbalance from being so sick. I'm drying well after showers, applying monistat cream and taking acidolphus pills (I can't eat yogurt). Is there anything else I can do to help clear this up?

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Get a squirt bottle, fill it with some white vinegar and water (I don't know the ratio, but you don't want to smell like a pickle), after baths, and whenever you can, squirt yourself with it, then dry it off well, it helps! Also if you have one, use a blow dryer, and get some (yes you'll read right) tinactin powder - for athletes foot. When the monostat is done. If after a week it doesn't go away I'd see the dr.


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Thank you for the advice.

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Also, washing with a glycerine soap like Neutrogena is so much better for you than washing with scented soaps. I haven't had a yeast infection in over two years, after I started washing with a bar of Neutrogena. Many woman have a reaction to the dyes and scents of regular soaps.

Vickey is right about the vinegar, too.

Good luck!

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Now here are some methods on how can you cure a yeast infection naturally:
Garlic can cure yeast but the infection must be in a early stage.The method is this: Take a garlic clove and remove the natural paper on the outside. Before you sleep put the garlic into your vagina, and don't worry you will not lose the garlic clove. In the morning go to the bathroom and stick your finger into the vagina and get the clove out. Be aware that you will have garlic taste in your mouth after you put the clove into your vagina, that's why I suggest to use this method at night. If the infection has passed the early stage the infection could be cured with garlic too but in a large quantity. Try to use the same method for a week, it all depends on the stage of your yeast infection

Here is a link that might be useful: Yeast Infection

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