Help! Want TiVo with antenna

ktmastOctober 25, 2011

I want to get a TiVo box and record using an antenna. We currently have a roof antenna - really old, but current HDTV is doing fine with it. Do I need to get a new antenna to use with the TiVo? I don't want to have cable and TiVo seems to be one of the easiest options without paying monthly for TV (I know TiVo had a service fee, but you can pay a flat amount and not a monthly fee).

So if my current antenna is working with my HDTV, will it work with TiVo? Does TiVo have a tuner? I know antennas are now sold at HD antennas but I'm not sure how they are different from the older antennas.

Help please!

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No, you do not need a new antenna for TiVo, and yes, the TiVo box has it's own tuner.

That said, some tuners can be better than others, but most are generally happy with the same antenna. Sometimes slight realignment, or in a very unusual circumstance, replacement maybe necessary, but very unlikely.

No, there is absolutely, positively, no difference in television antennas sold for years from the "HD labeled ones" - except sometimes the "HD" ones are actually more limited in their sensitivity and bandwidth - not a good thing.

The antenna does not care if the signal is analog or digital.

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Thanks so much Yosemitebill! The information on the internet seems sparse when it comes to this subject. I just love the garden web forums! People are so nice and helpful. You made my day!

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TiVo will absolutely work with an antenna and since you already have an antenna there won't be much more to hooking it up than connecting the antenna to the Tivo and the Tivo to the TV.

If you have a broadband Internet connection you can get Netflix, Huluplus, Amazon, and a bunch of free shows as well.

I've used DVR's from Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon and they pale in comparison to TiVo in terms of ease of use and functionality.

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Thanks Mike! I ordered the unit today and am looking forward to receiving it.

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