Will this pad ever stop outgassing?

SusanCFJuly 15, 2011

Someone gave us a big piece of carpet and pad for our temporary housing. The trouble is, the pad has a horrible chemical-ish outgassing smell! Even after sitting on the porch for several days, it still smells. I don't want to put it under the carpet and be getting sick from the smell. Does anyone know if this is ever likely to stop outgassing? The pad isn't new, and I'm afraid this may be the smell of deterioration. Should we throw it out and buy new pad?

This is a link to an image of the pad. I think it's polyurethane. The black side almost looks as if the foam were spray-painted, though I can't imagine why anyone would have done that. The purple side (and it is purple, not blue) is smooth.


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Yep. I believe you are correct. I have smelled pad that was deteriorating that just smelled awful. I would buy a new pad as it will not smell at all. Box stores are high on cushion to supplement their low cost installs so you will do better at an independent store to purchase cushion.Good Luck.

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Ah. Well, better to know now than to install it and live with the smell. Thanks!

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