liver biopsy possible cancer spread?

haffieApril 27, 2013

Anyone ever had a liver biopsy for possible spread of colon cancer? Docs see two small spots on husband's liver and he is very afraid of a biopsy next week. Is there pain associated with it? Can you be sedated? I do not know quite how to support or help his real fear.

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I hope your husband can not worry too much before his biopsy. From the article I've linked to, it appears he may be awake, or lightly sedated. you can best support him by respecting his fears, it's awful waiting to know test results. Best luck to both of you, and I hope his biopsy comes out clean-no cancer.

Here is a link that might be useful: nat'l inst of health article

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I can't imagine they wouldn't sedate him and give him something to relax. Perhaps they can give him something now to help him relax for the upcoming appointment? What about counseling to help him cope with the uncertainty? For you as well...

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Thanks so much jomuir and same boat. This was the best info on the website and just what I needed. Although he is the type that does not want to know anything about the inside of himself I do and thanks to both of your posts he is much more 'relaxed' about learning he is not going under again in surgery and he will have something to relax him and he will not remember
Thank you again . I know the journey begins now.ssmeboat I plan to take advantage of any counseling that is offered!

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If you are worried about cancer spreading or just for a cure check out Dr. Bob Beck on youtube or a search. I know people who have used his protocol and became cancer free

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haffie, please take quack cancer cures with a BIG grain of salt, if the worst happens & your DH is diagnosed with cancer. I hope he gets a positive report form his biopsy.

Doug, after a look around his website, this 'doctor' smells a lot like a major quack. Too many unverified treatments, and way too many cures are in "quotes." Also the fact that he's selling unproven products to desperate people. I believe in alternative therapies, but as an addition to scientifically proven treatments. Is he pushing colloidal silver??? Ugh, quack alert.
I've attached some interesting reading about this man who was NOT a doctor nor scientist.

Here is a link that might be useful: if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck....

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Doug, you think people believe to much in doctors and I think you believe to much in alternate treatments. While you are trying natural remedies you would be wasting valuable time and would probably die of whatever it is you have.

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There has been many cures for cancer and some have been demonstrated to the medical system. After proving they work the medical system denied the truth.There is too much money in the treatment of cancer by the drug companies to let anyone know the truth. There was a Dr Warberg who got a Nobel prize 1931 proving the cause and possible cure for cancer and Doctors in cancer clinics probably don't know his name. If there where quacks it might not be who you think they are

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We are all entitled to our opinions, but I do not believe for one minute that the medical system knows how to cure cancer. Someone in that system would tell the world, especially if they had a loved one dying of cancer. No one can keep a secret like that. I would tell no matter how much they offered me to keep it a secret wouldn't you.

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There is people speaking out but the multi billion dollar business can prevent you from hearing about it.
I read the web site that you put in and the person who said he was not a doctor was completely wrong he was not a medical doctor but a doctor of science.
by the freedom of information act sent to the FDA stated that no one has died of colloidal silver.
There has been 500 people in recorded history that have turned blue out of the billions of people who have used it.
Vioxx has killed 60,000 people and was FDA approved and not one person went to jail.
The medical cartel: too big to fail, too evil to expose

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haffie, any updates on your dh?

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