Bose 321 system

buckeye1October 14, 2006

Any feedback on this system? I went to the Bose store and it sells for about $1000 but what I like most about is the sound and most important the ease of installation. Only 3 speakers and an all in one system (aplifier/cd/dvd). Any feedback would be appreciated!

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I have no direct experience with this system. What I can tell you from my experience with other Bose systems is that Bose does an excellent job of marketing their products as convenient, but that, if you're willing to put a little work into it, there are better-sounding products out there for that kind of money. You really have to like something about the Bose system over anyone else's (sound, size of the components, bragging rights conferred by the name, etc.) to justify the price relative to the performance.

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We just bought this system a week ago and I LOVE it!!!! Truely worth every penny, in my opionion.

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We had one and I absolutely hated it. You know what they say, no highs no lows must be a bose. It's all propietory and good luck if you have any service problems - they're a total PITA.

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If you buy Bose you are buying it to impress others. They sound GREAT but you can get the same sound for half the price.


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I was at a friend's party some while ago. Another friend there was relating a story to the group about a couple of *her* friends visiting one evening. Their kids were running rampant around her living room, knocked over a few knickknacks, including one of her Bose cube satellites. She said "They knocked over one of my speaker. Thank God it didn't break. I have BOSE! You *know* they don't want to be paying for that!" Everyone was aghast, nodding in agreement. LOL.

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BOSE is a marketing machine. Their products cannot compete with most other brands. They are not even in the same class. They are far below !
Those who are proud to say they have a Bose system are just an uneducated consumer.
Get yourself a reciever, a DVD player and a nice pair of Internet Direct ( these are brands sold only via the internet) speakers. Almost all of them offer 30 day in home trials. Some will pay the shipping back if you return them.You'll be sorry you ever thought about getting Bose.
try , Axiom audio, aperion audio. Any of these companies will give you a far superior product to Bose.

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Internet Direct - could not agree more! I was begged to by an SVS Subwoofer. Had never heard of them and forked out $500 without ever hearing one.

I have been totally blown away.

I will not cut down Bose as they are a great sound IF they were sold at half the price. As you said "BOSE is a marketing machine".

They even took the Air Force for a few million before they found out that what BOSE said they could do and what they actually got was different with noise canceling headphones.

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The first thing anybody has to learn before even considering home theater purchase is " Bose Sucks". Anything else you buy will definitely sound better than this overpriced crap.
If the purpose is to impress somebody who has no clue about sound fidelity and specs, its a different story

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Marketing machine or not, Bose has thousands of devotees. Having said that, I just purchased the much cheaper Philips equivalent with their "sonowave" technology. Yeah, it's not 5.1, but for the small room that it's in it really does a nice job emulating surround. BTW, it was less than $300 and has HDMI among other connectivity. I don't even think the more expensive Bose has that, although I could be wrong.

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You can get the same sound for half the price. People buy Bose to impress friends and buy real audio equipment to impress audiophiles.

I know people that use to build Bose and they are very poorly made with cheap material.


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Alot of you guys keep saying "people buy Bose to impress their friends" . That may be true, but it's really the uneducated consumer that buys Bose to impress their friends.
Yes it's ease of operation, yes their speakers are small , cute and blend into your decor. The problem is they sound like crap, now everyones opinion of what sounds good is up to them.
Have you ever noticed the Bose "display" at your local Best Buy or Circuit City, it's located as far away from all of the other speakers as possible. This creates a NO comparison issue . How would ya know if Bose is better if you can't A/B them with another pair ?
It's done with smoke and mirrors.
BOSE --> Better Off Sold On Ebay

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