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salbwilOctober 29, 2008


I've just had my floors done and now want to spruce up my living room. I'd like to buy an entertainment center to hide the T.V. and like solid cherry wood. Does anyone have something like this and could you please post a picture ?

Many thanks,


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I moved my old amplifier and bose shelf speakers to the garage. I now realize I need pretty much the same system as I had.
I want to play my ipod, I previously connected my ipod to my amplifier via a cable used for that purpose, listen to FM radio, and use my outdoor speakers separately.
I now own a flat screen samsung and upgraded to HD and DVR. We now have music channels but the music comming through the tv is not worth listeneing to, so I guess i want to connect the TV to speakers too.
Would someone be so kind as to direct me on what purchases to make that would enhance my music pleasure. My husband cannot hear out of one ear, so music is not that important to him, also he does not want clutter. Wires I guess.
At circuit city I was shown a sony amp. for $158. and polk shelf speakers for $100 each. Your opinion please?

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