perk2April 22, 2008

Just got back from the dermatologist and was told this is what I have. I thought I just had a "simple raised rash" on my rump. Now I need to take 10 pills a day for 7 days. I need to look this up to see exactly what shingles are. Has anyone here ever had them? Thanks

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Yes I have had them and they hurt . I was in what was called work harding for a back, injury at my work. It was down both of my legs. I understand that it is chicken pox that lies dormat and stress plays a part in the outbreak. If I am wrong someone correct me. Do not remember if at that time that they gave me any drugs for clearing it up as this was back in the late 80's to the early 90's.
Just remember the pain and rash

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Yes it is the chicken pox virus that lies dormant. They can reoccur, too. For those of us that are older, some doctors suggest getting vaccinated for shingles. My hubby and I are thinking about doing.

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They are soooo miserable. I can hardly sit. I hope the medicine works REAL soon.

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My daughter had them when she was only 14. We didn't know what they were and didn't even take her to see a Dr. She still has the scars.

The worst I have seen were on my cousin's husband. He got them on his eyes. Really horrible!!! I have had the vaccination. My husband trusts his good luck more than he trusts vaccinations and he hasn't. I admit it is getting harder and harder to justify having a mercury based injection.

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I guess I can be thankful that at least no one will see them. Lots of people think you only get them around your waist. Another old wives tale. I didn't know the injection had mercury in it? WOW Something learned every day. TFS

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My mother had the despicable things before she died. Characteristically, the rash is under the breasts and goes around to almost meet in the back. My doc said HE planned to be vaccinated against them and suggested I do the same.

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My nephew had the shingles. His ribs hurt real bad for a few days and then a rash appeared. The rash spread around his rib area on one side and onto his stomach. My sis took him to the dr. and the dr. said it was shingles. He had the chicken pox at a young age and the dr. said he may have been exposed again and this is how his body reacted. Said it was because his immune system was weaker due to being on steroids for asthma related issues.

Took a few weeks to feel better, but he had no scars. While he had shingles he was in lots of pain but the dr. did not have any medicine for him to take.

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My husband had them and I read up on line about B-complex and the vitamins really shortened the duration of them, he also used a prescription cream called TRIAMI-CINALONE.

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There is no mercury in the vaccine (Zostavax) for shingles. It is preservative-free.

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