Question about Scleroderma

ivamaeApril 1, 2010

Yesterday, a family member had an appointment with a specialist and the outcome was that scleroderma is suspected.

After doing some research, I have some thoughts about myself.

For the last 3 years I have had a terribly iritated scalp and under the skin nodules all down my spine, especially during the winter months. It has been treated with steroid ointment on the spine, a scalp lotion and special shampoos daily,and lots of moisturizer all over my body 4 times a day.

My fingers have gone white a few times recently and I'm wondering if an irritated scalp and nodules along the spine are ever symptoms of scleroderma, as well.

She has the white fingers and toes and numbness as well as many digesive problems.

Thanks in advance for any info


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