What cable to use for router to TV?

stash-hdyOctober 21, 2010

Would like to hook up my HGTV's to the internet, what is the best cable to connect the TV to the Router? Have Fiber Optics FIOS Internet and TV now. CAT 5??

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I'm assuming you mean HDTV's... Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 all OK!

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Thanks yosemitebill I did mean HDTV.

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Ran the Cat5e last night and will terminate today. One thing I learned is measure what length you need and add at least 10% since I had just enough wire.

If I did not have enough wire can Cat5e be spliced?

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If you were putting together some sort of very high speed local network for high end computers to communicate with each other over, the answer is generally "no".

For general home and business use the answer is yes, though you really don't splice the cables. Instead you terminate both cable ends with male RJ45 connectors and purchase an "RJ45 cable coupler". It's just a small inline connector with an RJ45 female connector on each end.

In the case of these couplers stick with Cat5e rated as opposed to Cat5.

You can google "Cat5e coupler" to see exactly what I mean - though sometimes they are hard to find at local stores - and don't confuse them with RJ11 couplers for telephone line, which are fairly easy to find.

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Took me a long time to attach the connectors, any tricks or hints to accomplishing the connection.
Wires broke, inserted in wrong place when I slid the 8 stands in the connector.
Used a wire stripper and in some cases still nicked the wire thus made it weak.


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Mostly it's just a lot of practice, however, here's a couple tips:

Strip some of the outer jacket away, you should see the wires and a nylon string - or ripcord. Pull the ripcord down a couple inches to slit the jacket and then carefully cut the jacket away.

Cut even (with one cut) all the ends of the wire so they are about 1 1/2 inches. Also cut away the remaining ripcord.

Now spread them out flat a put them in color order - use the color diagram that probably came with the connectors or tool.

While keeping them flat between your thumb and index finger, cut them straight across to usually around 1/2 inch. Check length by carefully sliding into connector - trim slightly if needed.

Holding wires flat - insert - crimp - and you're done!

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yosemitebill I see what I was doing wrong I was doing it all wrong. I thought I needed to strip the ends of each individual wire doing that caused nicks in the individual wires and they broke. I also was trying to cut the outer jacket instead of using the ripcord.
Thanks I learned a lot thanks to you just tried it again and it works.

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Nice to know I was able to help!

If you have a notebook computer, you may want to connect it to the cable after the other end is connected to the router, and confirm you have a functional connection. Then after, if you have to figure out connectivity problems on the TV, you at least know your internet connection is good.

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I think that you can use a wireless cable TV route. However, It depends on the cable company you go through. The equipment would have to be compatible with how they broadcast the TV. Do you have digital cable, or just analog? I would call your cable provider to find the best option. I know Direct TV uses a wireless transmitter on some of their systems that can broadcast to other rooms without using a wire.

Here is a link that might be useful: softwareoutsourcing.biz

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I have looked into using wireless and feel that hard wire will handle streaming of movies consistently. I now use wireless with my Laptop and at times see degradation in speed/response. I have a Desktop that is hard wired its faster and consistent.
I have a wireless WII and see slowing of streaming at times.

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Hooked up the Blue Ray player to the net and everything worked fine. Thanks to you all!!!

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Great to hear it's all working for you!

Now that it's connected, you may want to look in the setup menu on your Blu-ray player for accessing firmware updates - installation is usually automatic.

That's how they update the firmware for playback problems, online streaming, or add the widgets for additional networked choices.

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Thanks I updated the firmware and also got a universal remote. It all works fine but it did take a while to program the remote. thanks again

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