DVDs look dark

PaulNSOctober 16, 2006

Got a couple of DVDs for the first time - March of the Penguins and Monk - and they show dark/too high contrast on the DVD player, which is installed in the computer tower. Nephew said (by phone, from another province) that it sounded like a setting on the video card needed adjustment, and to do Gamma correction in video properties. I've tried various adjustments, got the gamma as high as it would go and it's still too dark - you can see most of the scenes but they are quite dark/high contrast, and night or underground scenes on Monk are impossible.

Anybody have/had this problem? Any ideas what I can do? Very frustrated.

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Adjust your monitor settings.

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Aha! No, actually, turning the monitor setting to maximum brightness was the first thing I tried....

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What type of monitor do you have? Does the picture look dark all the time or only with the DVD?

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