My baby

BrycesmommyAugust 25, 2004

I couldn't figure out how to attach a picture in here but I made a quick webpage so you all can see my precious little boy. I miss him so very much. Thank you all for being here to talk.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bryce

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He's so adorable... what a handsome young man. Your story resonates so deeply with me ... water never seemed so dangerous, before. To lose one so very, very young.... how terrible, for you, I can only imagine your intense pain. I've shed a tear for your poor little guy. What an angelic face....


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He is so precious. I'm so sorry. My heart really does hurt so much for you.
If often thought of what it would have been like if I had lost Chris at a very tender age as Bryce. I don't think the pain would have been greater, but maybe different, since at that age they are so dependent on their moms.
The poem is beautiful and so true.
Life is so hard to live now, but it will get better. I promise you. You will see your precious little boy again.
Until then, keep his little spirit in your heart and let God hold him in his arms.

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What a beautiful little boy. I'm so sorry for you. Please know he is in heaven and is doing great with our Lord. And know that although he was little, he would not want you to be miserable. His spirit will live on in you as you talk about him and keep him near to you. I will pray for you.

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He's gorgeous! My heart goes out to you. ((( )))
Know that you will hold him in your arms again one day. Until then, I know you hold him close to your heart. He knows it, too!

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Thank you all for your comments. He was so precious to us, our pride and joy. Knowing I will see him again one day is what keeps me going until then. He will always have a place in my heart. I'm so proud of him for what he's allowed me to feel. I never thought one person could change my entire perspective on life.

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((((Brycesmommy))), what a truly beautiful child. You can see the beauty in his little face. I am deeply,deeply sorry for the loss of your small child. I cannot even begin to imagine the devastation this has brought to your life. I am so glad you have found this forum to share your grief. Many prayers and loving thoughts sent to you...


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He's absolutely beautiful, inside and out. And he still is. I have no doubt that he remains around you.


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Bryce is so cute. So Cherubic. I am so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine what you may be feeling. It's not been that long since he has left this earth.. your pain is so intense.. I pray for you and little Bryce. Bless you and I will remember your lil Bryce in my prayers.


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