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garymunson-2008October 11, 2008

I thought I'd suggest how to make the operation of your AV setup easier for the non-techies in your house. Installing an auto-switch in the hi-def HDMI cable circuit can cut the remote-juggling tremendously. What you will do is run a cable from the auto-switch's HDMI output to the HDMI input on the TV. Then each device (cable box/sat tuner, DVD/BluRay/PS3, other game system) feeds the auto-switch inputs. If you use a audio system it would go in between the auto-switcher and tv. The resulting operation is that the auto switcher recognizes what input device is turned on and connects that device to the TV (and audio amp). All the operator needs to know is that they only need to be sure whatever device they're not watching is not turned on. The TV or 'home theater audio amp' no longer needs to be switched between operating modes making thing much easier for your AV-challenged loved ones.

I also wanted to restate my conviction that anyone with a good AV system should include a Sony Playstation 3 even if they're not into gaming (I don't own a game for mine). With the PS3, you become able to surf the net if you have a wireless network in your house...the PS3 has WiFi, It will hold and play your music MP3's through your audio system, play a slideshow of your photos and connect to a limited set of small photo printers to provide on-the-spot hard copy, all in glorious HD. An interesting benefit is that it downloads movie trailers and stores them for you to view at your leisure. There are even more things it does....Gary

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while that is one way, i like mine much more. i have the Logitech Harmony 880 remote and programmed it for different activities. if we want to watch a DVD, it turns on ONLY the TV and switches it to HDMI2/turns on DVD player/Surround Sound system. hit the button to watch Sat TV and it turns off the DVD, switches the TV to HDMI input 1, turns on the Sat RX. want to listen to the radio, it turns on teh surround system and switches it to radio input mode. and so on and so forth. even my 4 year old knows how to get it to DVD mode to watch her movies.

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Actually, the PS3 causes a slight problem that necessitates the switcher. The idiots at Sony opted for a Bluetooth remote for the PS3 rather than have an infrared port.......

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