Gel packs

organic_jardinageApril 3, 2008

I tried something with cold gel packs,the ones you can heat too,to put on my nerve pains. The small ones fit well in a microwave flat material pot holder that has an envelope.Easy to make for sewers too.Sometimes the gel packs fall out but I'm thinking of 2-sided velcro to sew in one or two.

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Does the cold help?

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To reply to Socks1234 re gel packs,yes,they help ease the pain and inflammation in legs & feet I have now.It's harder to manage cold packs on upper back with Parsonage Turner however. Even if only 15 minutes at a time are recommended,I sometimes put one or two in a soft cloth pocket to help me sleep.My post chemo & radiation nerve damage or neuropathies are also managed with Neurontin.

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