'Wood' flooring pattern

tessaduncanJuly 1, 2013

We're actually having porcelain tile that looks like wood installed in our kitchen/dining. Tile guy asked what pattern we wanted - stacked, 1/3 offset, or random. We just never thought about that before & have to decide by tomorrow.
The style will be contemporary/casual. Please help this design-challenged couple.

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What size is the tile? Long tiles, like 24" or longer are recommended to either do a stacked pattern (modern look), or 1/3 offset (traditional), or herringbone (transitional). If you did random, there would be some lippage because the large format tiles tend to have a bit of droop in the middle. That makes the ends stick up just a hair. Enough so that if you're prone to tripping, you might.

The herringbone can be a bit busy visually, but it depends on the tile and grout and how close they match and how much color variation is in the tile.

The stacked bondis a great look to use in a modern or transitional space, especially with some contrast of something rustic and aged next to it.

Even the 1/3 offset can be more contemporary with a more modern color choice like something in the gray family.

There's also the basketweave, which can echo the look of parquet on a big scale.
There are others as well.

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Thanks. Never even thought of stacked.The light tan tile is "Vallelunga Tile - Tabula Tile 6" X 36" - Miele" (to contrast our peppercorn cabinets). I'm leaning toward random because we want it to look like it's actually wood. Our tile guy is supposed to be top-notch. Would lippage be a problem for a pro?

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Lippage with large format tile is a function of the tile size. Yes, a good setter can probably minimize that slightly, but would need to use a deeper thinset bed and take a lot more time. More time is more money. Non recommended layouts also leave you without warranty support. Read the manufacturer's recommendations for tile that size. 1/3 offset is usually what is recommended by the manufacturer to minimize the lippage issues that come with long tiles.

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