My kneecaps are killing me

cheerful1_gwApril 7, 2007

It started out where my left kneecap hurt when I bent my knee, or walked down a flight of stairs. Today for some reason both kneecaps hurt. I'm in menopause, and have a family history of arthritis. I have a doctor's appointment in a couple of weeks, so I'll find out for sure, but has anyone else gone through this?

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I do. I have had the problem for several years now but mine isn't from arthritis. I had an X ray and it showed no problems with the bone, it is just the ligaments and tendons.

I am actually a little better now. I have a better grasp of which exercises are hard on my kneecaps and which help. I am actually able to do squats now with a ball behind my back. I also bought a house without stairs. I just couldn't get better while I was navigating stairs every day. The most important lesson I learned was to never ever let my knees be further forward than my toes AND not to be in a hurry and push on in my exercise regimen before I was ready.

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Why don't you call your doctor and see if you can get in sooner?

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It's tax season and I can't get a day off until after April 17. He wasn't in that week, so I had to wait until the following week.

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I had x-rays taken yesterday of both knees. I'll know by next week what they show. My doctor said I should take glucosamine/condroitin. Anyone had any luck with that?

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A lot of people have had a great deal of success with glucosamine. It is certainly worth a try. It will take about four to six weeks before you can tell if it is doing any good, so don't give up and stop taking it too soon.

It helps the body repair and replace cartiledge in the big joints like the knees. This takes a while. Don't give up too soon.

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