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JikoimaryApril 25, 2011

Note: This question is asked on behalf of friend

One of my friend was really depressed due to Sexual dysfunction. He was adviced by few health professional friends that Blue pills will help to overcome those problems. Since brand pills are costlier, he thought of using Generic version. He placed order from online pharmacy and got those pills. It was effective for him. But after few weeks, he started experiencing unexpected erection anytime, anywhere and he is quite worried now since he used generic version. My question :Is this Side effect of using generic version? and any solution to this?

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Generic and the orig have the same ingredients. When the patent runs out then any company can make them. The problem he is having is a side effect of the meds. He can also go blind taking them. The first rule is if you have any eye problems call your doc immediately. I don't take meds except pain pills, they are far to dangerous. More people are dying from prescription drugs than ever before and it's not due to abuse. They are just dangerous.

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@Purchase of Generic version
No pill has 100% guarantee that it doesn't have side effect whether it is brand or generic version. Side effect depends on person to person, thats why people are asked to take prescription so that doctor can check your physical compatibility with that drug.

@About unexpected erection.
This is really weird situation because i myself being Medical professional and pharmacist. No one reported like this situation. However i am assuming that there will be some arousal factor during that time and high libido result unexpected erection sometime.

@Side effect of Generic version.
Loss of sight is the common side effect of Generic version as well as brand too.

Avoid using other pills every time. Have Occasionally in a month.And try for natural way to cure sexual dysfunction.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kamagra

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There is no generic "blue pill". Online pharmacies sell just plain crap, so no telling what's in those pills. It's a scam.

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Erectile dysfunction is caused by a hormone deficiency and it is a fairly new disease [ 60 years]. All sex hormones are made from cholesterol and with the phobia caused by the heart association every one is on a cholesterol restricted diet and this is the diseased caused by listening to you doctor.
Eat lots of eggs and get your cholesterol up and the problem will go away.

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Beware, being unable to become erect could be the early signs of low blood pressure, or heart failure. I'm not a doctor, but don't look to medication EVER when there is potentially a bigger issue at hand.

Get your body healthy, eat a perfectly balanced diet of fruits and veggies and exercise a lot, you will find that your body might start to function normally again.

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