Upgrading speakers in FR -- stick with Bose?

Janice742October 9, 2013

We do most of our TV viewing in our Family Room.

Recently upgraded our TV to a Samsung Smart TV. We added Apple TV and enjoy this (but haven't really used it to it's full potential)

We have a Bose system which is about 10 years old. It's worked really well for us - but it's time to upgrade to something that we can plug our iPod into when we don't want to use Apple TV.

Also - we haven't been able to figure out how to tie the Apple TV into the Bose - so we are currently listening to music with ATV using the TV speakers and not the Bose.

Here is our space:

It was difficult to find a corner TV stand that was high enough for TV viewing (the longer ones are very low) - Plus the corner isn't all that big. (also - I can see the TV from the kitchen - so I like having it at that height)

With all of the windows - it's a tough room to deal with -
Moving the TV or mounting it over the fireplace is not an option.

We need to stick with a system similar to Bose - subwoofer placed behind the stand - speakers on the stand.

What's important to us:

Sound quality
User friendly
Use with iPod
Use with Apple TV

Any suggestions?

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Not a Bose fan, 2X the $ for 50% of the product. Look at Onkyo 626 and an Energy Take 5 speaker system, I have this in my family room and it rocks. The Take 5 is an awesome speaker system. Unlike Bose, they don't spend a gazillion on advertising each year.

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Assuming that you have a hdmi capable receiver.
The speakers should be tied to the receiver. The hdmi output of the Apple TV should go to the receiver first. The tv should in turn be connected to the receiver.

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toxcrusadr Clay Soil

Seems like you could add an ipod dock and plug it into the aux input jacks on the receiver too. Should work for any receiver.

I agree on the Bose. Many of their products don't deliver much bang for the buck despite their advertising.

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"Not a Bose fan, 2X the $ for 50% of the product."

This. Bose makes a decent product, but markets the heck out of it. There are certain limits on what you can do with a speaker of a certain size, and Bose likes to pretend there aren't.

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10-15 yr ago bose made great stuff. now they ride on their name to sell.
complete audio systems run from crap to wonderful. but just the decent ones are priced high.
personally, i run a yahmaha 5.1 a/v receiver and klipsch speakers. lots of bang for the buck.
i'd suggest going on line to crutchfield.com. huge selection of components and a/v furniture.

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