Distributed video over RF

memarcusOctober 2, 2008

I am planning for structured wiring system of my house. so far I only have a CCTV signal that I would like to distribute (in addition to CATV). Is this as simple as using a 3in/8out distribution amp or is there more to it?

Also in viewing the signals, will you just flip to one channel for the CATV (and then change channels using CATV box) and flip to another channel on the RF to view the other distributed signals?

I am having 2+2 composite cable all over the place but would like to keep the CCTV on one of the RF lines. I would like to keep the CAT lines for data and other A/V distribution, such as AV reciever in the theatre room. I know I can send over the CAT5e lines with baluns and such but so far it looks like the cheapest and simplest option is over the RF line combined with the CATV signal.

Is there any problems with this or does anyone have any suggestions?

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You need a video modulator. You can then modulate any video signal to whatever channel you want. You just have to make sure the frequency associated with that channel is clear on the CATV line. This a is were a problem may occur. Most cable systems are hybrid with part of the signals analog and part digitial. In my case 2-63 was analog 64-124 was for digital channels. I used a notch filter to remove channels 64-70 and put back the CCTV as channel 66. This worked well for me since all the TVs it fed only had analog tuners and only received channels 2-63 +66. If I wanted a cable box for the higher channels, I would lose whatever had been broadcast in 64-70 region.

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