Suggestions for male friend with thinning hair?

NikeApril 5, 2004

I have a 24 year-old male friend whose hair seems to be thinning at the crown (?) of his head (the top middle portion of his head). Does anyone have any suggestions for him on what he could do to stop this from worsening any further?

Has anyone with hair loss in this area had any luck with products like Rogaine? We were reading the Rogaine box briefly at Costco and it mentioned something about only working on certain areas of balding.


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What is his family history of balding, especially maternal uncles and great uncles? Familial "PATTERN BALDNESS" is hereditary, and it's related to testesterone production.

Rogaine might help him, but he's in for a lifetime of using it, or he can adjust his attitude towards balding ... remind him that eunuchs DO NOT go bald.

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Rogaine also has some not so nice side effects. There is some evidence that it causes some erectile disfunction. Not too many men want to risk that just to grow hair.

I think (not sure) that any hair that can be regrown is not "normal" looking hair. It's more like a thin fuzz which will not match the rest of his head. (I might be wrong on that) It doesn't work for everyone.

Tell him that it doesn't matter. Some of the sexiest men walking this planet are bald.

What he has already lost may be all he will ever lose. It's his personality that is his important feature, not the hairs on his head.

Are his father/brothers also thin on top? Then it's most likely an inherited trait and he will be fighting a losing battle.

If it has started suddenly, then a visit to his doctor or a dermatologist might be in order. There are medical conditions that can cause baldness.


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A lot of women think bald men are sexy, but it's this ego thing with men who lose their hair. We had a younger man in our office who had hair on the sides but none on the top (he was 36). He starting shaving his entire head and all the women at the office would go by and rub his head. They couldn't resist it and he loved it!

(hope this makes you feel a little better)

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His father was bald in the pictures that I've seen and his brother was thin up top at an early age as well. Apparently it does run in his family.

His hairstylist recently talked him into trying a product line called nioxin. Have any of you heard of it or have any experience with it? He spent like fifty dollars on the starter kit. Hopefully it won't have any of the side effects that Rogaine was heard to have... Hmm...

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Nike -
I'm currently dating a guy who is balding on top. I don't care ... he's smart, funny, polite, and sexy.

Tell the friend that women are more concerned with the brain than the hairline.

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My little brother uses Nioxin and swears it has helped; he started thinning in his late 20s.
I'm with lazygardens, personally. The amount or type of hair a man has (or doesn't have) has never made one single bit of difference to me, in terms of attractiveness! An ex-BIL used to wear toupes - really good ones, made with real hair & all that. But you could still tell. He showed up at a family function without it once and I thought he looked much sexier in his natural state!

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i really do not think this is a medical problem. similarly i do not think that grey hair is a medical problem or wrinkles due to wear and age. even though it's not a medical problem if the person thinks it is a cosmetic problem then it is exactly that and since i dont have any good information on it, i can't tell you what i think he should do.

another thing i would like to say is that i think it's ironic that people say "ooh i think bald is sexy or i dont mind what color hair". irony b/c these people often say "stop worrying about what other poeple think". both cliches bother me and i think the best way to live life is to truely not worry about what other people think unlesssss* they are someone very close to you. if you happen to be bald or thinning hair i would not and give it a second thought or even the time of day to post it on the inetnet. just my 0.02 dollars.

best of luck!

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Try the Rogaine or the store brand it's all the same.I am a woman and I use it.I really think it works.My hair stop thinning and I don't see my skull.

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Women are valued for their youthfull good looks and charm, men are valued for their power, experience and to some degree their wit and wisdom. I don't agree or disagree it's biology.

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Rogaine works by blocking an enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. The latter biochemical is the one that contributes to hair loss. Rogaine has no effect on testosterone levels.

A few years ago, I met the woman who headed up the Rogaine program at Upjohn. Originally, the drug was being tested as an oral therapy for hypertension. However, she said the clinical volunteers began to look like werewolves after taking the drug for a short time. They were literally growing hair on every part of their body. Obviously, this is a side-effect that is not considered acceptable. Someone got the idea though to dose it in a topical formulation as a treatment for male-pattern baldness. Although it doesn't grow hair nearly as well when applied this way, it still works well enough that it sufficed as a treatment for hair loss.

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Forty years ago I married a man with hair on his head that was so thick you could hardly get your fingers through it... People would call him Rag Top... Today he's almost bald on top... Does it make any difference... Nope, he's still a jerk...

When a man is balding from the front to the top it's because he's a thinker.... When he balds from the back it's because he's sexy... When the bald spots meet it's because he thinks he's sexy... LOL

Sorry I couldn't resist...


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Tell him the sexiest man you ever saw was bald.

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for all the women that think bald is sexy or at least not a turn-off - would you apply that to yourself? My hair is so thing now, it scarcely looks as if I have any - and I don't like it one damn bit.

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There was a post a while ago form a guy that had lots of luck with a hair restoration product. I am sure you could find the thread if you back a page or two. My hubby is very bald and very sexy!

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The mineral tin can cause male patter baldness. If you have a gluten problem it is hard to absorb tin.
Personal my hair has regrown and my white hair is returning to it's natural color

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